I did a shoot months back with my friend, Marcin... I believe it was late November in Chicago, so winter was on the way and it was getting cold, but not too cold to shoot on his motorcycle, of course. The reel I saw looked awesome with the El tracks above us and the crazy wind blowing... Plus, we look a bit like fugitives (and I'm channeling Davy Crockett). Anyway, these are some snapshots and stills I found from that night.


'Partment Posin'

It's been a super long time since I've posted anything... But I've been crazy busy with school and work (although I just graduated with my Master's, so call me Master Kate from now on... just kidding about the nickname), but seriously, school is over for now and it's been nice to somewhat relax. Although I've started teaching at a college in the suburbs and I'm super stoked about it... my students have been fabulous so far! Anyway, on a night when I wasn't teaching, I headed over to my friend, Marcin's, apartment to snap some shots! So dziękuję (that's 'thank you' in Polish, right?) to Marcin!

Just some fun snaps!


What's the story, morning glory?

Some shots from a fun, early-morning summer photoshoot...

(courtesy of Marcin Ski).


Green Screened

Last month I did a green screen shoot for a short film... Here are some photos from the shoot (courtesy of Marcin Ski and his iPhone).

Note: This last shot has nothing to do with the film... I just enjoy flippin' the bird on occasion.


Gettin' Medieval

For my birthday, my friends and I decided to check out Medieval Times, and it was awesome and hilarious! Our Red and Yellow Knight (AKA Paul) didn't win, but we had a blast regardless.

My friends had me knighted to add to the birthday celebration... it was hilarious, because most celebrating their birthday at Medieval Times were around age 10, but I got the last laugh-- I out-rank all of my friends!

As we were heading back into the city we spotted this rainbow... It was showing in celebration of my birthday, of course.


Choppity, chop!

After months of growing my hair out, I finally chopped it! It feels amazing and is so much easier to maintain, here, in the Windy City! I actually went back home this past weekend for a wedding and arranged to have it chopped then... Thanks to my stylist, Shannon... she's so fab!

Rockin' a pony before...

Making messes...

A little difficult to see, but here's an after shot... feeling refreshed! Peter is back!



I just read and gave a presentation on Shelagh Delaney's "A Taste of Honey" for my Modern British Drama class... I love Shelagh! While doing research, I discovered that The Smiths also love Ms. Delaney and used her as their cover girl on a number of occasions. This makes her even more of a badass! Also, check out the 1961 film version of the play... it's lovely. And after searching all over Chicago for a copy, I woke up the morning after giving my presentation to find that the film was playing on Showtime... Coincidence?