What's the story, morning glory?

Some shots from a fun, early-morning summer photoshoot...

(courtesy of Marcin Ski).


Green Screened

Last month I did a green screen shoot for a short film... Here are some photos from the shoot (courtesy of Marcin Ski and his iPhone).

Note: This last shot has nothing to do with the film... I just enjoy flippin' the bird on occasion.


Gettin' Medieval

For my birthday, my friends and I decided to check out Medieval Times, and it was awesome and hilarious! Our Red and Yellow Knight (AKA Paul) didn't win, but we had a blast regardless.

My friends had me knighted to add to the birthday celebration... it was hilarious, because most celebrating their birthday at Medieval Times were around age 10, but I got the last laugh-- I out-rank all of my friends!

As we were heading back into the city we spotted this rainbow... It was showing in celebration of my birthday, of course.


Choppity, chop!

After months of growing my hair out, I finally chopped it! It feels amazing and is so much easier to maintain, here, in the Windy City! I actually went back home this past weekend for a wedding and arranged to have it chopped then... Thanks to my stylist, Shannon... she's so fab!

Rockin' a pony before...

Making messes...

A little difficult to see, but here's an after shot... feeling refreshed! Peter is back!



I just read and gave a presentation on Shelagh Delaney's "A Taste of Honey" for my Modern British Drama class... I love Shelagh! While doing research, I discovered that The Smiths also love Ms. Delaney and used her as their cover girl on a number of occasions. This makes her even more of a badass! Also, check out the 1961 film version of the play... it's lovely. And after searching all over Chicago for a copy, I woke up the morning after giving my presentation to find that the film was playing on Showtime... Coincidence?



While I'm usually more of a pants kind-of-girl, I forgot how comfortable dresses can be...

Silk dress by Velvet, vintage knit dress, H&M basic black top, boots I scored on ebay.

(Also, don't mind the little orbs in these photos... apparently there were ghosts on the street).



We watched this video in class last night, as the topic of the evening was hip-hop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought I would share.

Sarah Jones- "Your Revolution"



I just read this book for one of my classes and loved it... Check it out!

Piepmeier, Alison. Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism. New York: NYU Press, 2009.


I've missed your face, G.

I saw this
Nylon article featuring Gerard Way a few weeks back and felt I should share... Mostly because I've always thought Gerard is a beautiful boy. And while "My Chemical Romance" hasn't been on my playlists in quite some time, I will always crush hard on Mr. Way.

I'm so in love with his hair in these photos!

Gerard channeling Robert Smith of The Cure? I vote yes.

Credit: Nylon Magazine, http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4450


Library Surprises

Part of me wanted to keep these gems in the book for its next reader...

Not long ago, I checked out Don DeLillo's "White Noise" from my school's library and opened it to find both a Trojan Magnum wrapper and gum wrapper. I laughed out loud and then felt like I should wash my hands (in that order). I also think it is hilarious that the last sentence reads "...frightened children appeared at our door for their Halloween treats"... It seems a bit ironic for some reason, as if I opened the book to these "treats." Thanks to the library for keeping me entertained in more ways than one!


Oh, Peter.

Because of my previous short hair, my friends used to call me Peter (as in Peter Pan), and I've been missing "Peter" lately. And while I decided one day (about 7 months ago) that I would try to grow out my hair, I'm reaching my breaking point... I want my short hair back!!! However, I'm trying to make it until I can at least put it all up in a full ponytail, which has taken much longer than anticipated, and because it's been so long since I've had long hair, I don't think I fully prepared myself for all of the awkward/annoying/boring stages of regrowth. I usually catch myself staring at short hairstyles on the El... And then the owner of that hairstyle catches me looking longingly at them-- awkwardness ensues.

It's become more of a personal challenge now than actually wanting the longish hair... I just keep telling myself I don't have much more to go. And I figure that once I grow it out and have a ponytail for a good week or so, I'm sure it will be to the salon I go!

I've also discovered that I am easily bored when it comes to my hair, among other things, so now I'm looking to fun colors to ease my hair doldrums... This should be interesting.

Anyway, here are some photos that I love (they're also torturing me a bit)...

Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg (again)

Mia Farrow

Edie Sedgwick

Joan Jett

Keira Knightley in "Domino"

Mia Wasikowska ("Alice in Wonderland")

Credit: Google Images


Let's Do This...

After being on Spring break, I figured now would be the best time to start my blog... it's time to share some thoughts/photos/whatever I feel necessary. Those Spring cleaning feelings have been lurking, so it's time to harness them and start this bad boy... Here's a fresh start!

I look at this photo every day at work... I nod and smile at Iggy each day and return the favor of wishing him a "good morning." Oh, Iggy... How you make my days better! I'll share a quote of his that seems fitting for myself at the moment and for my first blog posting...

"I mean, the embarrassment quotient has been going down for a long time, and the fond amusement has been rising." -Mr. Iggy Pop